When Should You Wear a Dosimeter?

Wearing a dosimeter is an important part of radiation safety. It is essential to wear your badge every day while you work, and to place it in a radiation-free area after business hours. Do not remove the badge from your workplace. Place the badge on the neck or chest area, facing the radiation source.

Dosimeters are issued for two categories, monthly and quarterly. The dates of use are printed on the front of the badge, below your name, as a reminder of when to wear them. When the wearing period ends, remove the badge, keep the gray backing, and return the badge to Radiation Safety. If you expect dosimeters and don't receive them before the third business day of the month, call the Radiation Safety Program for more information.

Fetal dosimeters have a monthly frequency and should be worn at waist height under any lead garment. At the end of the month or quarter, dosimeters should be returned to Radiation Safety as soon as possible to expedite processing. Ring dosimeters should be used on the hand that is most likely to be exposed, that is, the hand closest to the radiation sources. At the end of the usage period, replacement dosimeters will be distributed to you through the designated badge coordinator.

Dosimeters are required to be issued if a person is likely to receive more than 10 percent of the maximum allowable dose. However, in order for the Radiation Safety Program to implement any control measures or dosimetry for monitoring, pregnancy must be reported in writing to the Radiation Safety Program. The specified point is generally given by the position in which the person's dosimeter is worn and should NOT be used outside of their work or laboratory-related activities.