What is the Proper Way to Wear a Dosimeter?

People who wear lead garments should place their whole-body dosimeter at neck level, outside of any lead protection. It is essential to return all dosimeters, whether used or not, at the end of each period of use. A radiation plate, also known as a dosimeter plate, is a device that workers use on a daily basis if they work in facilities with high amounts of radiation. It is necessary to return all radiation dosimeters (Genesis full-body badge or TLD rings) to comply with regulatory guidelines and commitments, as well as to receive credit for chips and filter components that are removed for recycling.

The proper way to use the dosimeter or radiation badge will provide information about the amount of exposure and when it's time to stop working at a certain location for the safety of the person. This phenomenon is called thermoluminescence and dosimeters using this principle are often referred to as TLDs (thermoluminescent dosimeters). If employees are given an annular dosimeter, it is best to carry it in the dominant hand with the label section facing the palm of the hand. Shipping containers received by unit coordinators containing monthly or quarterly radiation dosimeters are designed to be reused to return the dosimeters to the Department of Radiation Safety.

Simply return the TLD badge and ring dosimeter to the Unit Coordinator, who will then send the monitors to the Radiation Safety Department for processing. Radiation dosimeters must be received by the Radiation Safety Department no later than the 10th of the month following the end date of the use period to ensure that they are returned to Mirion for processing. The purpose of a dosimetry badge is to document occupational radiation exposure and demonstrate compliance with annual dose limits and ALARA levels. Another important rule is to avoid borrowing or lending out the dosimeter badge, which means employees must wear the badge with their name.